Saturday 2 June 2012

Upgrading to Fedora 17

I upgraded both of my Fedora 16 systems to Fedora 17 today.  I was, unfortunately, affected by four similar, but separate, grub2 bugs.  For those who don't know, grub2 is the bootloader used in Fedora and - if it goes badly wrong you can end up with a system that won't boot.

The four problems I had were:
  1. Whenever a new kernel is installed I get the error: "grubby fatal error: unable to find a suitable template"
  2. When the computer boots grub2 reports "error: file '/boot/grub2/locale/' not found"
  3. When the computer boots I get a "signal out of range" error on my monitor, and on fixing this
  4. grub2 prints "error: file not found" three times after starting to boot
The fix to these issues is simple:
# vim /etc/default/grub (add the line GRUB_TERMINAL_OUTPUT=console to the end of the file)
# grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
# grub2-install /dev/sda (replace /dev/sda with the device your bootloader is installed on)

If (like me) you are paranoid you can check the fixes by reinstalling the kernel (as long as you haven't restarted your machine and are still running the old kernel) and making sure there are no errors reported:
# yum reinstall kernel

Updated: Sun 3 Jun 2012 11:53


  1. Thank you.

    I had issue #4 on my FC17 install, and the boot-loader would stop after loading the kernel and ask to press and key to continue. It would still boot, but it was really annoying.

    You instructions cleaned that all up and its working fine now.


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