Wednesday 20 June 2012

Updating the kernel on Fedora 17 for Raspberry Pi

I've been playing around with Fedora 17 on the Raspberry Pi for a while.  There are excellent nightly images available from, but these have an old version of the 3.1.9 Raspberry Pi kernel.

I have had a few problems with this old kernel including:

  • My fast (8 GB SanDisk Extreme Pro (class 10, 95 MB/s)) SD cards don't work - and the class 4 cards are just too slow for certain jobs.
  • Lots of these sort of errors:
    DEBUG_ timer_callback:: Timer hc timer callback
    WARN:: hc_xfer_timeout:1740: hc_xfer_timeout: timeout on channel 5
    WARN:: hc_xfer_timeout:1742 start_hcchar_val 0x00d88a00
  • Lots of these kind of errors when the root partition is on a class 4 card:
    mcc0: note - long write synce 1350000ns - 13603 its.
So tonight I decided to upgrade the kernel following the instructions from this thread (post dated 2012-06-13 9:37am).

So far this has worked brilliantly.  The errors are gone and I can use my fast SD cards now.

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