Monday 11 February 2008

Upgrading websites

I noticed that the software behind some of my websites (specifically, Joomla, PhpGedView, and WordPress) were out of date.  So, I decided to click on the "upgrade" buttons on the "one-click install" page of my service provider.  Not the smartest thing I have ever done...

WordPress upgraded more or less painlessly.  However, Joomla stopped working.  There appear to be issues with my (admittedly bodged) theme that I could not quickly get around.  I have now rolled that back - I suppose I will have to fix it properly eventually.

As for PhpGedView, I now see an error at the top of each page.  Searching the Internet for possible solutions only took me to a number of other sites that display the same error.  Not really important I suppose, it's not like I ever got around to using it properly anyway.  Another job for a rainy day...

My blog and homepage do now have a "better" link to my LinkedIn profile page though!

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