Sunday 17 January 2010

Moved to MobileMe and upgraded Blog


Last night I bit the bullet and decided to move my email and gallery (still to do) over to MobileMe. It looks like an interesting service - the only problem being the hoops I had to jump through to get email to appear to come from my pre-existing email address. Unfortunately, I still can't email sent from the MobileMe website using that pre-existing address - if Apple would sort this out the service would be far more appealing.

I saw a number of people online trying to get MobileMe to work with a custom email address. Just in-case anyone is interested, here is what I did:

  1. Find yourself a host for your domain that will forward your incoming email to your "" address (I already have a DreamHost account).

  2. Find yourself a host that will let you send outbound (SMTP) email with any "From:" address (I already have a DreamHost account and just set up a "dummy" email account for authenticating with.

  3. When setting up email on your computer use your custom email address as the "From:" address, the normal MobileMe settings for the inbound server, and the configuration for the host in step 2 (above) for the outbound settings.

  4. When setting up MobileMe on your iPhone disable the Mail option in the MobileMe account and add an "Other" (specifically IMAP) account for your MobileMe mail.  Configure it in the same way as you did for your computer in step 3 (above).

There is one disadvantage I have found here, which is that "Push" email won't work to the iPhone.  I set up "Fetch" at a "15 minute" interval instead - I can live with this if it means emails I send come from the address I want them to.

Other geeky things I did last night were:

  • Remove my old gallery site - MobileMe gallery coming soon.

  • Updated WordPress to the latest version.

  • Update the WordPress "Twitter Tools" plugin - which means a link to this blog post should appear in my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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