Monday 31 May 2010

iPad (WiFi) and Three MiFi

I have now had an iPad for five days. I decided not to buy the 3G version and instead bought a MiFi from Three. I think this is a great combination:

  • The MiFi takes a more common SIM size. This makes it easier to move between networks both at home and when travelling.

  • The MiFi can be used with anything that supports WiFi. This not only means I can use it with my notebook, but it also means I can use it for "cheap" data on my iPhone while roaming.

The one problem I have with the MiFi is the limited battery life, but then I found a Philips Rechargeable Powerpack (SCE4420/10) on sale at Tesco (for £10). With the battery pack in place it now outlasts the iPad.

The pre-pay MiFi, having the MiFi unlocked, and the powerpack cost £75 in total. This means only a £25 saving over the additional cost for 3G iPad, but, as explained above, it is a much more flexible solution.

The only regret I have about the iPad (so far) is that I bought the dock. This was a waste of money:

  • I also bought the case which is a perfectly functional stand - in fact the case is a better stand than the dock as it can be used in both landscape and portrait modes.

  • The case is a tight fit making it a pain to take off just to use the dock.

Incidently, I also bought the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard. This was worth every penny and (based on my dislike of the ordinary dock) a better choice for me than the iPad keyboard dock.

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