Sunday 11 April 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-11

  • Signed up for Backupify ( Backs up online services like Facebook (photos etc), Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, and more. #fb #

  • The USGS operates a really neat email/SMS earthquake notification service (earthquake.usgs.go... #

  • Just got my first Backupify ( email. Looks like a good service. I especially like the .pdf "book" of all my tweets. #fb #

  • A productive evening. Three MiFi: tested, firmware upgraded, re-tested, unlocked, re-tested again, and security locked down (in the web UI). #

  • iPhone OS 4 sounds interesting ( Glad I've got a 3G instead of a 3GS though (so I can have multi-tasking) #fb #

  • The new iAd feature makes me want to make some simple (but cool and free) app so I can sit back and let the ad money roll in... #

  • ... which is probably the whole point of iAd! #

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