Friday 25 April 2008

Alcohol: The theme for my vacation

That is not to say I have had a lot to drink this week.  However, looking through the souvenirs I have for this vacation:

  1. An old fashioned, dimpled, beer class from Cheers (this was the buy a draft ale in one of these glasses and keep the glass offer).

  2. A set of four Cheers shot glasses

  3. A set of Cheers beer mats/coasters

  4. A (free) Samuel Adams Brewery beer tasting glass

  5. Two Samuel Adams Boston Lager "perfect" pint glasses (scientifically designed - I had to have them, I can be geeky about anything)

  6. A (free) Samuel Adams slim beer glass (free because I bought two perfect pint glasses)

  7. A Boston travel mug (a bit of a stretch, but I could put beer in it)


I also have two silly hats (silly because hats don't suit me, so for me all hats are silly) whose main purpose was to keep me getting further sunburn (what I have isn't too bad, and I want it to stay that way), and a portable jigsaw of the USS Constitution.  But, mostly my souvenirs are alcohol related...

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